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  • CreateOrderRequest



Optional accountInfo

accountInfo?: AccountInfo

Optional affiliates

affiliates?: Affiliate[]


amount: string

The total order amount.

It should be calculated as a sum of the items purchased, plus the shipping fee (if present), plus the tax fee (if present). This is the final price that the consumer will pay.

Optional bankReportLabel

bankReportLabel?: string


categoryId: number

Category of this order.

The order or product categories are attached to, and depend upon, the merchant site's category. You can obtain the list of order and product category ID's for the merchant site at this URL:

  • Production platform: https://payment.hipay.com/order/list-categories/id/[PRODUCTION_WEBSITEID]
  • Stage platform: https://test-payment.hipay.com/order/list-categories/id/[STAGE_WEBSITEID]


currency: string

The currency specified in your HiPay Professional account.

This three-character currency code complies with ISO 4217 (eg. "EUR").

Optional customerEmail

customerEmail?: string

The customer's e-mail address.


customerIpAddress: string

The IP address of your customer making a purchase.

Optional description

description?: string

The order short description.

Optional emailCallback

emailCallback?: string

Email used by HiPay Professional to post operation notifications.


executionDate: string | Date

Date and time of execution of the payment.

Formatted in MySQL DATETIME format Y-m-dTH:i:s (eg.: "2014-12-25T10:57:55").

Optional exemption

exemption?: string

Optional freeData

freeData?: {}

Custom data.

You may use these parameters to submit values you wish to receive back in the API response messages or in the notifications (eg. you can use these parameters to get back session data, order content or user info).

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string

Optional items

items?: Item[]

Optional locale

locale?: string

Locale code of your customer.

It may be used for sending confirmation emails to your customer or for displaying payment pages.


  • "en_GB" (default)
  • "fr_FR"
  • "es_ES"
  • "it_IT"


manualCapture: boolean

Indicate if you want to capture the payment manually or automatically.

  • false: indicates transaction is sent for authorization, and if approved, is automatically submitted for capture.
  • true: indicates this transaction is sent for authorization only. The transaction will not be sent for settlement until the transaction is submitted for capture manually by the Merchant.

Optional merchantComment

merchantComment?: string

Merchants' comment concerning the order.

Optional merchantRiskStatement

merchantRiskStatement?: MerchantRiskStatement

Optional method

method?: string


rating: string

Age category of your order.

Accepted values :

  • "+12" For ages 13 and over
  • "+16" For ages 16 and over
  • "+18" For ages 18 and over
  • "ALL" For all ages

Optional shopId

shopId?: string

Optional subscriptionId

subscriptionId?: string

Optional thirdPartySecurity

thirdPartySecurity?: string

Optional urlAccept

urlAccept?: string

The URL to return your customer to once the payment process is completed successfully.

Optional urlCallback

urlCallback?: string

The order Notification (callback) URL.

This URL will be used by our server to send you information in order to update your database.

HiPay documentation

Optional urlCancel

urlCancel?: string

The URL to return your customer to when he or her decides to abort the payment.

Optional urlDecline

urlDecline?: string

The URL to return your customer to after the acquirer declines the payment.

Optional urlLogo

urlLogo?: string

This URL is where the logo you want to appear on your payment page is located.

Important: HTTPS protocol is required.


websiteId: number

ID of the website created on merchant's account.

Get it from the dashboard Websites.

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